Terms for verified PAYPAL account is that we must have a CREDIT CARD or VCC (Virtual Credit Card), but for those of you who do not have it all do not worry, PayPal can verify your PayPal account by using your local bank account, do the following :
  1. We have to login to PayPal, for those who do not have PAYPAL account can go to
  2. Once logged in click on profile then click add a bank account, fill in all the data required for a local bank account number you enter in the account PAYPAL
  3. When you have finished entering your local bank account diPAYPAL, click on "contact us", where the right   hand column of the home page under the notification
  4. After click on "contact us" then you will go to help center PAYPAL, please click send us questions via email, or you can also ask directly by phone, if according to my experience, I use email, then I ask about how to get verified status without credit card, and after 1 x 24 hours of work party PAYPAL sent me an email about the requirement to make, simply by attaching their identity cards and proof of savings books are written there in our name and account number are the same as we enter the account number on PAYPAL account, then within 1 x 24 working hours of PAYPAL send a team back me an email that my PayPal account is verified, and after I check my PayPal account was actually already verified.  
  5. Enough with identification cards and account books that I scan, my PAYPAL account is verified only in 2 x 24 hours.
Thanks and hopefully useful, please critique and suggestions for the better this blog ..

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