For you are an employee, student, or anyone that the future you want to become an entrepreneur or want to open a business, make it a habit from now to record all the ideas that came to your mind.

Any idea will be very useful later on when you want to start the business. the more ideas you write down the better, because you have to reduce a problem that will arise in the future, namely the determination of stage business. a lot of people who really want to open business but they are still confused want to open any business, most of them do not have a solid idea to run.

In determining stage business, you will filter the ideas you have, for example you have 1000 ideas, then you Shrink the idea was to 500 ideas, of
the 500 is your idea Shrink back to 100 best ideas, from 100 this idea back into your Shrink 10 best ideas from the best, out of 10 is your idea again to 1 Shrink terrible idea that you believe and you choose to be a business idea that you run, so this is where it records all the ideas you have.

the importance of noting also that you do not forget the ideas that you never have, because if you forget just one idea you've ever had, probably one that you forget the idea was worth a very high and you lose a very high value, surely you do not want like that, and therefore start from now to record all the ideas that have or are passing in your mind, and use your powerful ideas to create a business that will surely make you become a successful businessman and can help the environment around you.

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